Fine Gael Councillor George Jones has urged local residents to register and pay the proposed Household charge of €100. Cllr Jones said “the usual left wing politicians are lining up to urge people not to pay and of course it is the popular thing to say nobody wants to pay more taxes. Cllr Jones pointed out “these times are not normal and whether we like it or not additional taxes will need to be raised in this country because of our current financial position.

This €100 tax will be replaced in 2013 with a proper and fair property tax which is the norm in all European countries. The current tax is due to raise €160,000million which will run the Local Authorities during 2012.

Cllr Jones said “I hope the people are not fooled by the new “protest groups” against everything and will realise part of the problem that was developed over the years by all parties was this false promise of lower taxes and improved services. This idea in the main promoted by the former PD’s but in fairness adopted by all parties has proved to be a disaster.

Cllr Jones concluded “working together we can get out of this terrible financial crisis and look forward to better times but this simple “catch phrase “ of being against everything will not assist our recovery”