Fine Gael Councillor George Jones has urged voters to vote yes on May 31st Cllr Jones said “the no side made up of the usual groups are advising the people of Ireland to go down a cul-de-sac in voting no.

A yes vote according to Jones

  • Will protect the Euro in your pocket
  • Will show that Ireland is a safe, stable place for foreign investment
  • Will mean lower interest rates
  • Finally it makes sense
  • Cllr Jones commented “as a country we are all going through difficult times with lower incomes, very high unemployment but we must bring stability to the Euro zone. Currently we have lost our financial sovereignty and we must work to get ourselves out of this IMF/EU/ECB bailout as quickly as possible but we must have the flexibility to obtain monies if the markets still charge Ireland too much.

    In the past Wicklow voters have made the right decision and I hope that they will continue to make the right choice by voting YES on May 31 concluded Jones