La Touche Legacy

Another Great Seminar – Jones

The Chairman of the La Touche Legacy Committee Cllr George Jones at the conclusion of this year’s seminar said, the 24th Seminar was one of our best in the 24 years we are going.
The speakers were all very good and gave excellent presentations and the audience were bigger than usual.

The attention provided by the Management and Staff of Charlesland Golf and Country Club added to the success of the weekend.

Cllr Jones thanked the La Touche Committee for all the hard work over the years and when you have a success like last weekend it makes all the hard work very worthwhile.

Cllr Jones concluded, with the 25th Seminar due in 2013 the planning to organise a very special event will start shortly and he looked forward to once more presenting all aspects of Greystones in a very positive light.