Following the recent tragic death of Junior Minister Shane McEntee blame was thrown at the Social media outlets and Cllr Jones said “I would very much question the blame in this case; in fact I feel the material for the anonymous contributors to social media sites is in fact provided by all the National media outlets.


For the past few years the National and Local media including RTE have given us a daily feed of doom and gloom and I notice this morning Minister Rabbitte in fact refers to this “all –pervasive negativity” in the coverage of politics by the media.


Cllr Jones went on “during the famous Celtic Tiger days the National media in fact were “all part and parcel” of the mad drive to get more properties built, more money spent, one can recall the vast property supplements included in our National


Papers and of the famous support by Independent Newspapers for the re-election of Bertie Ahern in three National elections!


All our radio and television public affairs programmes will provide anonymous tweets, emails etc live on air without any check on their background.


Cllr Jones also called on all political parties and I include Fine Gael to cease to use the social media to promote their particular line and the National/Local media to also provide a balance in their coverage of events.


Cllr Jones concluded “I am not trying to censor the media but it appears the outside media and agencies provide a far clearer impression of this country and our attempts to free ourselves from the “Bailout” agencies that the very negative Irish media coverage.



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