Safety Audit Needed On New Cycle Lanes on Seafront



Fine Gael Councillor George Jones has called on Wicklow County Council to undertake a safety audit on the new cycle lanes/footpaths on Marine Road (Seafront) as a matter of urgency.


Cllr Jones has once more highlighted problems with the works only recently completed and said its madness that after the amount of money spent there is a need for a safety audit.


The 3 major areas of concern Cllr Jones has indicated are

  • Directional signs going in opposite direction for Irish traffic
  • Line between cycle lanes and footpath are clearly not working as a number of people have tripped and indeed fallen
  • The part of road at the Cove where with the width of cycle lanes/footpath you need to part in the middle of road and while you exist your car you have cars on one side and bicycles on the other.   


Cllr Jones has asked the Council to act as a matter of urgency before a serious accident takes place.

Cllr Jones concluded “I am very disappointed with the lack of action on issues like the cycles lanes and a protective guard for the entrance to the beach by the first arch on Mill Road, these I feel are Health and Safety matters and should be addressed.