Now that it is clear that the Meret Healthcare (who had won the tender from the HSE) are not proceeding with the Primary Care Centre at Harbour a new focus on obtaining this facility must be undertaken according to Cllr George Jones.


Cllr Jones says “it has been disappointing to be frank that it has taken so long for Meret Healthcare to let us know their position and in the meantime Greystones have lost a number of years in providing this essential facility”


Over the last two Town Council meetings a very large amount of time has been given over to discussing the current appearance of the site and looking for agreed solutions whereas the case for the Primary Care Centre has been side tracked, Cllr Jones said he was happy that the Council had supported his proposal to invite in the HSE to the November member to discuss their plans now to find replacement operators and site.


Cllr Jones confirmed that he had been in touch with the HSE to urge immediate action to commence the new tender process and I have also suggested that the HSE and Wicklow County Council should open discussion on sites as I believe land owned by the Council at the south end of town would be ideal.


Cllr Jones urged all politicians to get behind these efforts to secure a PCC for the town, Cllr Jones said “a lot of the ground work was already done in particular securing the agreement of one of the GP groups to transfer in to the new facility and he hoped that there would be a better focus by all going forward.