Fine Gael proud record of serving Greystones

Cllr George Jones Fine Gael who is stepping down after 35 years public service on Wicklow County Council and Greystones Town Council this week defend his record and that of the Fine Gael representatives in this area.

Cllr Jones said “I highlighted some months ago the way the campaign launched by GUBOH was as usual heading down the road of personal abuse and incorrect information. This campaign in particular using Facebook and Boards has descended into vitriolic abuse and personal attacks by 7 or 8 people who have always been opposed to the harbour development.”

There is no disagreement that pressure must continue on Sisk and Wicklow County Council to bring this overall project to completion and in the meantime all must be done to open up more of the area to the public and tidy up the appearance.

Cllr Jones continued that the campaign that has been waged on social media is a total disgrace and I would hope most people of our community would have nothing to do with these personal attacks.
Fine Gael has a very proud record in working with all other parties to bring about the major achievements and improvements that has taken place in this town over the past number of years,
Cllr Jones added “I will not stand by and allow a small minority of people with there own agenda to destroy all the good work and service that has been given by Cllr McLoughlin, Cllr Mitchell, Cllr O’Sullivan, and previous councillors like Simon Harris , (now TD) Des Lane, Phil Mooney and Alan Bell to this area.

If these people are really interested in assisting the community its time for them to stop the abuse!