Fine Gael Councillor George Jones this week suggested that this area now requires new housing stock. Cllr Jones said “some people might think it odd after coming through one of the worse financial downturns caused by a property bubble and out of control bankers that I would be calling for more house”

 Like all cycles the current downturn is turning and it is very clear 3 to 4 bedroom houses in the private market is very much required in this area. Going on current results of the sales of the current stock there is a huge demand for houses. Cllr Jones also said during the past number of years families moved into 1 to 2 bed houses and with increasing family sizes large house unit is required.

 Cllr Jones concluded “there is ample zoned land in Greystones, Kilcoole and Delgany but the financial institutes must sort out the problem cases and resolve the current debt burden on home owners and secondly must open up again for lending.