Business confidence continues

In a statement this week Cllr George Jones welcomed the general improvements that are taking place on the jobs front along with the continued confidence been shown in this area by commercial business people.
Despite the fact that we have been through the worst recession in the last 50 year, and a lot of the community has suffered throughout this period it is good to see the recovery coming into place said Jones.

Over the past number of years new ventures have opened at the harbour area and any vacant shop or commercial premises on the Main Street has been re let in within a very short period, again I understand that commercial business operators are in many cases just about trading but Cllr Jones said “in talking to many of them over the last few weeks they all see “light at the end of the tunnel.”

The latest two shops and restaurants on the main street that closed are currently being revamped and will reopen shortly.
Another very clear indication of a recovery according to Cllr Jones is the many visitors that are coming to Greystones in particular over the weekends and even in recent weeks with the awful weather there are very big numbers in the town during the day and evening.

Cllr Jones concluded “despite the problems of the past few years it is now very clear that there is an element of confidence showing and a realisation that we are turning the comer, the one concern I have is the property market and I do hope that high prices of the boom do not reappear.