The launch this week of Primary Care teams by the HSE has been warmly welcomed by Cllr George Jones.

Cllr Jones said “for the past number of years I have seen these teams as one of my key priorities going forward, in fact I have meet with the HSE, had motions passed at Town Council and put this issue very clearly in my re election document this June.”

The announcement by the HSE of two teams to cover Greystones & Delgany including Charlesland and Eden Gate is the first stage to bring a full comprehensive health service to this area , in particular Cllr Jones said he was delighted that the current 3 group GP practices were to be involved in the new teams. These along with the other health services should bring a first class health service to the area.

Cllr Jones said ” the next stage is to bring about a new Primary Care Centre which should become the main hub for all medical services in the area” Cllr Jones commented “I understand from the HSE this new facility is in the process of planning and development and I would hope that we move ahead quickly with the planning and building of theses new premises.