Fine Gael Councillor George Jones in a statement called on the Government to drop its €10 travel tax before further damage is done to our Tourism Industry. Cllr Jones said all forecasts continue to show downward trends in visitor numbers and the airport tax is doing untold damage. The announcement by BMI to cut flights from Cork is a continued process by airlines to reduce capacity into Ireland, and follows Ryanair decision to cut all flight numbers in/out of Ireland this summer.

 Wicklow depends on visitors using our airports and if the trend continues downward we are going to add the ever increasing unemployment levels here in our county.


With the continued debacle over the Ryanair jobs at Dublin Airports it appears at this stage there is no one in charge of “Ireland Inc” the Government side stepping every job creation proposal, DAA & Aer Lingus appear to be calling the shots despite the fact that the DAA is a state agency and Aer Lingus is owned 25% by the state and 29% by Ryanair.


Cllr Jones said “I am calling on the Government to accept the damage its travel tax is doing to the tourism industry and rescind it now before its too late .