Fine Gael North Wicklow Councillor has called for this Government to go after the last few days of confusion.

It is clear that the current Fianna Fail lead Government has completely lost the plot and are unable to deal with the present financial problems. Since the weekend Fianna Fail ministers either don’t know what is going on or are attempting to mislead the Irish people. Minister after Minister including our own local Junior minister are popping up on the national media telling different stories on the current problems.

Besides people losing confidence in future there is now a great fear among the communities and the only answer is a General Election to ensure a new mandate is given to restore this once great nation back to its proper international status. Never ion the history of this nation is confidence at such a low ebb says Jones.

Cllr Jones concluded “I would hope for once Fianna Fail would put the country first and not think of trying to protect their own party interests”