Cllr George Jones (member of the Cliff Walk Management Committee) following a walk from Bray to Greystones undertaken with officials of that Committee to day indicated “the walk was in good shape and only close to Greystones near the Grove entrance was a modest amount of dog dirt. Cllr Jones appealed to residents who use the Grove entrance to exercise their dogs in this area “that they clean up after them.”

At the Committee meeting next week Cllr Jones said “he would be proposing more directional and informational signs on the this fantastic marine walk. These signs also need to be in a number of European languages as a huge amount of the walkers come from France , Germany indeed to day there was a very large group of Austrian children doiing the walk.

Cllr Jones said “he was delighted that the officials had plans to install a counter on the walk as this will assist in obtaining further funding to improve the way”