Garret FitzGerald was a true patriot, a remarkable man and a great leader said Cllr George Jones Greystones.

Cllr Jones said Garret had great connections with North Wicklow in particular with Bray . On a personal note I recall the visit to Greystones in an earlier General Election in the 1980’s when I was a candidate for Fine Gael Garret was on a nationwide trip and my son wearing his new tee shirt “vote for my Daddy” was pictured in all the national papers with Garret. Cllr Jones also recalled he was also a guest speaker at our annual La Touche Legacy seminar and I remember the care he took of his late wife Joan who at that stage was in a wheelchair on her arrival at the old La Touche Hotel.

His commitment to achieving peace and reconciliation in this country and between Irelan and Britain was well recognised by all and for him to pass away this week during the Queen’s visit could be seen as the final bit of jigsaw falling into place.

On the EU front Garret made a remarkable contributions to the development of the European dream.
Moreover Cllr Jones said ” he showed great humility and generosity and was a great family man and Christian.
Cllr Jones extended his deepest sympathy to his family.