Following on from a meeting between the Greystones Town Council, Wicklow County Council and Contactors Sispar Cllr George Jones has welcomed the progress made for dealing with the current issues at the Harbour -North Beach Scheme.

Cllr Jones said ” I am happy that everyone is working together to resolve current problems and as I said last night emotionalism or popular chants will not help the present situation.

I am glad that Sispar have accepted his proposal that they meet with a small group consisting of Town Councillors, Wicklow County Council, Harbour Committees and recently formed GUBOH said Cllr Jones. I hope that Sis will progress their proposals in a shorter time frame than 3/4 weeks so that this meeting can be held.

Cllr Jones also called for a review of the current harbour committees as I don’t feel they are working and if certain bodies don’t now exist they shouldn’t be on these committees.