Tough decisions will still be needed

After the success of the Euro-Conference held yesterday Cllr George Jones warned that tough decisions will still be required by this Government.
Cllr Jones cited the position of St Columcilles Hospital Loughlinstown and the current 24 hour A & E Service.

Cllr Jones said “it is clear there is an urgent need to address the many issues facing our hospitals and he is delighted that at last there is a Minister for Health who is not prepared to hid behind the HSE. For the past 14 years we have had Ministers Cowen, Martin & Harney washing their hand of the hospital issues and failing to take decisions in the interest of the health of the community.

Before politicians and parties go off “half cocked” they should wait for the proposals on the restructuring of Loughlinstown and not attempt to cause panic within the community.Before any changes to the 24 hour cover there is a need to ensure


  • The ambulance service has been geared up for these changes
  • that St Vincent’s has the capacity to deal with larger numbers
  • that the Wicklow network of Primary Care Units are planned.


The reforms taking place in our hospital services must be driven by the need to improve patient safety and at the same time utilise the current resources to the best advantage. Hot air and protests for the sake of protests will not provide a good health service concluded Jones.